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01 MUSIC From Covers to Classics
August 2020
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02 FITNESS Fitness
from Yoga & Pilates to HIIT
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03 COMEDY Renowned Comedians
throughout August 2020
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04 Talks Talks by Inspiring Speakers
Throughout August
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05 BOGAN BINGO Bogan Bingo
Dates in August & Sept


Chiswick Festival – where there’s an event for everyone…

A series of exciting, socially-distanced, outdoor events.

All to support Chiswick House & Gardens in a time of need.

From fitness classes including yoga, pilates and HIIT, to comedy nights featuring celebrity names, plus classical performances, variety shows and inspirational talks there’s an event to suit every taste.

With audience sizes strictly limited and health & safety at the heart of the events, you can finally look forward to some well-needed entertainment outside of the house, in a safe environment.



Many enjoy the grounds the team at Chiswick House work tirelessly to maintain, and yet few realise the amount of work and cost required to pay for the high standard of upkeep. Covid-19 has devastated their finances and they’re in desperate need of help.

So a small, local team of event organisers got together to try and help raise money so we can all continue to enjoy the grounds as we do today.

What’s on…





Bogan Bingo

Tickets are limited due to social distancing.
Get yours today.

Let’s Make Things Better

want to see the evening line up?

In a World of change, welcome to the new normal.

Simply choose what event you’d like to attend. Book tickets and make sure you enter a Group Name so that if anyone else wants to join your group later, we can ensure your group is all kept together.

How are we managing the social distancing

Each group will have a marked out section and our hosts will take you to your allocated area.

We will mandate face masks to be worn at all times, except when you’re sat down in your allocated space. 

We do understand it’s not necessarily comfortable to wear masks all the time, and as with any cafe or restaurant at the moment, when you’re in your “spot”, masks are not required. But to help stop any potential spread and look after our staff, we will mandate masks as you enter, queue, head to the bar or toilets.

Symptoms & Santising

Upon entry to the grounds, we will be providing hand sanitiser and mandating its use for all attendees. We will also check masks are being worn, and be confirming you’ve not displayed Covid-19 symptoms in the past 14 days.

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Thanks To Our Partners

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help us spread the word

We can only make this happen with the support of the local community, and through people actually buying tickets and attending these events. So please share the events with your friends, family, and neighbours and help us support Chiswick House as much as we can.

Full Line Up

Check out the full line up here 