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Enjoy Life.

“The world really is a beautiful place”.

People can be amazing.

With the recent challenges, it’s amazing to see how people have supported one and other.

Now it’s time to help Chiswick House.

“It’s time to support Chiswick House. We’ve all enjoyed the grounds and manicured gardens for free. Now it’s our turn to support Chiswick House, but in return enjoy some amazing entertainment.”

With an event for everyone. From fitness to comedy, and music to talks by inspiring individuals.


Chiswick Festival – where there’s an event for everyone…

A magical and revolutionary series of events.

All to support Chiswick House.

From fitness classes, including Yoga, Pilates, Boxercise,& HIIT to name a few; to comedy nights – with incredible, well known acts; to local bands, jazz artists, classical musicians and truly inspired talks by inspirational speakers. 


All properly socially distanced, organised events.

Many enjoy the grounds the team at Chiskwick House work tirelessly to maintain, and yet we had no idea they were going through such struggles.

So a small, local team of event organisers got together to do something about it.

What’s on…






Tickets are limited due to social distancing.
Get yours today.


In a World of change, welcome to the new nomral.

Simply choose what event you’d like to attend. Book tickets and make sure you enter a Group Name so that if anyone else wants to join your group later, we can ensure your group is all kept together.

How are we managing the social distancing

Each group will have a marked out section and our hosts will take you to your allocated area.

We will mandate face masks to be worn at all times, except when you’re sat down in your allocated space. 

We do understand it’s not necessarily comfortable to wear masks all the time, and as with any cafe or restaurant at the moment, when you’re in your “spot”, masks are not required. But to help stop any potential spread and look after our staff, we will mandate masks as you enter, queue, head to the bar or toilets.

Hand Santizing

Upon entry into the grounds, where we will check you’re wearing your face masks, we will also be mandating you santize your hands using our hand santizer. 

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Thanks To Our Partners

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Let’s make music together

We can only make this all happen and possible through people attending the events. So join us and let’s make this happen.

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Making great things possible 