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Picnic Blanket, Rustic Tweed, Waterproof

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Something to keep and use whenever you’re out and about! Easy to store, folds up perfectly, light to carry around, and perfect to sit on outdoors!

TRAVEL READY – The blanket weighs less than 500g and rolls into a tight package measuring 46cm x 17cm x 17cm.

STAY DRY – The foil covered base is waterproof and stops the blanket from absorbing moisture from the ground and becoming damp. In good weather, there’s nothing more enjoyable than sitting outside, enjoying the sun and sharing food with friends. Whether you are sitting in a field, beside a lake or on the beach, this waterproof picnic blanket will keep your clothes free from damp grass and sand. It has an attached carry handle which allows the whole thing to be carried and stored in a compact roll, making this blanket easy to carry with you anywhere.

COLOUR Rustic Tweed
MATERIAL 120gm2 acrylic top with a durable foil base
DIMENSIONS Flat: 135 x 175cm; Rolled: 35 x 13cm
CARRY BAG Carry handle
FILLING 2mm think padded spong filling