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Our fitness instructors

Zeena Kalisperides

Zeena Kalisperides

“Zeena Kalisperides is an Ashtanga Mysore practitioner and teacher with over twenty years of practice and ten years of teaching experience. .”

Having studied biochemistry and dental surgery to degree level and worked as a dentist in the NHS for eight years, Zeena has a scientific, medical and yogic knowledge of the body and mind. She believes that anyone is capable of experiencing health, strength and vitality in all areas of one’s life through these daily rituals.

Zeena teaches locally at various studios including Yoga West and you can find out more here.

Christian Coelho

Christian Coelho

Christian Coelho is inspired by his experience in a variety of styles of yoga.

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, where he founded the yoga school ‘Casa 111’, Christian initially trained in Ashtanga & Rocket Vinyasa Yoga, later finding inspiration in the slower and intuitive style of Forrest Yoga. After traveling to India, his passion for history and philosophy of yoga was ignited, which led to a master’s degree at SOAS University of London on the Traditions of Yoga, which he continues to share in his European retreats as well as annual teacher training.

Christian is local and teaches at Yoga West and studios in town.

Kim Sallis

Kim Sallis

Kim is very local to Chiswick House and teaches locally in gyms and is just getting her own business off the ground.

“Many people have asked me what type of yoga I teach and my honest answer is always “a bit of everything”. I like to teach a dynamic vinyasa flow but I also know the benefits of holding poses to promote breath and adding a bit of strength moves into the practice.

So I am not one type of yoga, but a bit of everything combined. I also like to promote deep breathing and bits of meditation in my classes.”



Anny is a local Chiswicker and has run Anny’s Fitness for many years, excitingly rebranded to ‘Love Vivo’ as her tuition moves digital.

In Anny’s words, “I’m a former professional dancer & I’ve been running fitness classes & personal training in West London for over 15 years now. I specialise in core strength, flexibility & general fitness – Oh, & I’m also a professional burlesque performer & loving life as a 51-year-old woman ;)”

Where are the fitness classes taking place?

Head to the Iconic Temple in Chiswick House and Gardens. The entrance to the template is where the Red Marker is.  For precise directions, click this link… https://w3w.co/mount.bonus.spare

Please also bring your own Mats with you, and any bottles of water you may want to drink.

Title Categories Address Description Directions
Iconic Temple, Chiswick House
 Burlington Ln, Chiswick, London W4 3UN, UK

Iconic Temple @ Chiswick House and Gardens


What’s on…

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New classes will be listed very shortly – they’ll continue into September.

Let’s get fit together!

We’re creating amazing classes for everyone to enjoy. Join us to do ourselves and the Park a world of good.

Full Line Up

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