Your socially distanced summer events

How we are going to manage the events and what experience can you expect.

And what is our refund policy if you fall sick due to Covid or there is another spike in London.


the experience & what to expect

A series of awesome, outdoor events.

During the Summer of 2020, the Chiswick Festival team invented a new, pioneering Covid Secure Event concept – where we successfully delivered evenings of jazz, opera and rock to comedy and bingo nights. We staged 21 nights of entertainment and safely entertained over 5,000 visitors – making us one of the few event organisers safely hosting Covid Secure Events.

Our main priority is to ensure the safety of our visitors, exhibitors, and staff. We’ll use our experience coupled with industry best practices to design the festival to meet whatever restrictions might still be in place at the time of our event.

Wherever possible, we’ll relax our measures in line with Government guidelines as we get closer to the event, to give visitors a great event they’ll leave wanting more of.

We are aware of the planning considerations that will need to be accommodated for protecting our staff, attendees, and all others involved in the delivery of the planned events from Covid. We use numerous sources to provide the most up-to-date advice and guidelines and if there are changes to these guidelines they will be adopted with the fullest, swiftest means available at all times, and incorporated into our plans.

HYGIENE – Hands and Surfaces

All visitors will be asked to santise their hands as they enter. There will be an increased regularity in cleaning and disinfecting and servicing of seating areas and toilets throughout each session.


Everyone will be asked to wear masks upon entry and exit, and when walking around inside the event. These restrictions can be eased, depending on prevailing guidelines.


To further enhance safety, we will be ensuring there’s ample space for everyone to enjoy food and drinks, and because of the type and style of event, with everyone at their tables and servers bringing food and drink to you, by default we’re limiting any queuing and lowering all possible interactions that would likely cause risk.


By operating in sessions, we’re able to control the numbers of visitors onsite at any one time. We’ll make sure we don’t exceed the numbers to compromise your comfort and security.

Should there be increased restrictions put into play, we will revert to what we did back in August 2020.

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Should Restrictions Continue

Presently we’re able to accommodate 6 people per table.

This enables us to already comply with the restrictions back in Summer 2020 when we were allowed only in our bubbles of 6 people.

Then we have the ability to increase spacing between tables and also reduce numbers sat on tables.

Each table is spaced generously enough to ensure social distancing can take place whilst seated during the event, and whilst moving around.

Your tickets will be scanned upon arrival by our team at a distance, and you be directed to your specific table. 


  • Please try to print your tickets out as it makes socially distancing scanning much easier!
  • Please also be aware you may be selected for a random bag search as we scan your tickets.
  • Everyone will need to wear face masks up to the point when you sit down at your table. However, whenever you leave your table, you will need to wear your face mask again.*
  • Tables will be pre-spaced in rows, and you must keep yourself and your belongings inside the border of your specific pitch at all times, to ensure social distancing is maintained.*

The toilets will be individual units. Each unit is sanitised.


You will also be asked to use our hand sanitiser on your arrival.

* This maybe relaxed so watch up for updates as Boris’ road map progresses, and we’ve had conversations with Hounslow Safety Advisory Group and Chiswick House and Gardens.


To help eliminate any worries, we’re offering a book with confidence guarantee.

What does this mean?


If you develop Covid-19 symptoms in the 14-day period leading up to your event date, you will be entitled to a full refund minus the processing fee  & Admin fee, charged at 10% + £3.99 respectively, if you let us know at least 24 hours in advance of the event. Please contact [email protected] if this applies to you. Please DO NOT ATTEND THE EVENT if you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms. 

If your event has to be cancelled for reasons related to Covid-19, the organisers will reschedule the event to another date as soon as is reasonably possible.

Due to Covid-19, there is a small chance that a performer/act/food supplier may not be able to attend at short notice (for example if they develop symptoms). In this event, the organisers will do all they can to replace the performer/act/food supplier for a reasonable alternative at their own expense. Your ticket will remain valid and refunds will not be offered.


In the unlikely event we encounter weather that would endanger attendees, staff or performers (for example but not limited to hurricanes, tornadoes, floods etc), the event will need to be called off. In this situation, we’ll inform you and offer an alternative date/event.  If it’s merely the Great British Summer that’s dampening spirits (plus the ground and all of us), we will do everything we can to make everyone comfortable, including providing free ponchos and pausing a performance if it’s heavy, though we can’t refund tickets on the grounds of wet weather. Do check the forecast and bring appropriate gear! This year we also have large stretch tents to keep the majority of people covered!

Unable to attend

If you cannot attend your event, please get in touch at [email protected], as we may be able to offer your ticket to someone else. Please note this is not guaranteed.

Government Guideline Changes

If the government guidelines change or there is another spike which would make the event impossible to go ahead with, we will push back the date to an alternative date.

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